Superior Benefits

Sealection 500 maintains its thermal performance for the life of the building. It will not sag, compress, deteriorate, or lose R value over time.

Air infiltration is a major cause of heat loss in buildings. A typical house has hundreds of gaps and penetrations through the building envelope. Hot air leaks out through cracks at the top of the building drawing cold air in through the bottom. Spray-applied as a liquid, Sealection 500 it expands into a foam to fill all gaps and cracks, eliminating air infiltration.

The New Zealand Building Code states “ The building envelope … must be constructed to
(a) provide adequate thermal resistance; and
(b) limit uncontrollable airflow.” [clause H1.3.1].

Sealection 500 is the first home insulation on the market which achieves both these objectives in one application.

Sealection 500 is a water-blown foam which contains no ozone-depleting chemicals, fibres or asbestos.

High performance insulation allows builders to right-size their HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems. In most cases, smaller units can be used to heat and cool the same space.

Better insulation and smaller heating/cooling appliances mean lower energy costs for home owners.

Sealection 500 helps create a more peaceful environment by absorbing unwanted noise from outside as well as from interior adjoining rooms.

Combining excellent thermal resistance with air sealing Sealection 500 stops heat loss due to conduction and convection keeping your home warm and comfortable.

Sealection 500 provides a healthier, cleaner indoor air quality by sealing out air which carries germs, dust, pollens and allergens into your home. Sealection 500 also seals out moisture-laden air which can condense inside walls causing mould problems.


*source: EECA




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