Can Sealection 500 be installed under my timber floors?
Yes, Sealection 500 is ideal for under floor applications because it not only insulates but also air-seals, stopping draughts which suck heat away from the floor. Applicators need approximately 800mm clearance to get under the floor to spray.

Can Sealection 500 be retrofitted into existing walls without removing the wall lining (by for example drilling holes through the cladding)?

No. Because Sealection 500 is applied as a spray, access to the wall cavity is required.

What is the R value of Sealection 500?

Sealection 500 has an R value of 2.4 for a thickness of 100 mm. Note however that R value is only part of the story when it comes to insulation. Sealection 500’s air seal stops draughts and convention currents, so before you talk about 1 R of thermal resistance, Sealection 500 has stopped the leading cause of heat loss in buildings: air infiltration.

In case of a house fire will Sealection 500 burn?

Yes, but it is self extinguishing and will not accelerate a fire like other materials (e.g. polystyrene). While a flame is applied the foam will burn; when the flame is removed the burning will extinguish. Sealection 500 meets AS/NZS 1530.3-1999 fire regulations.


Some insulations give off poisonous gas after installation in a wall. Will Sealection 500 do this?

No. Sealection 500 is completely inert and does not emit any harmful fumes or gases.

Does burning produce toxic smoke?
Yes, the smoke from burning foam is toxic (all smoke is toxic). Sealection 500 meets AS/NZS 1530.3-1999 fire and smoke regulations.
Will Sealection 500 harm the insulation on electrical wiring like other foam products (e.g. polystyrene)?

No. Sealection 500 will not react with or chemically attack wiring insulation.
Can I install Sealection 500 myself?
No. Installation requires special gear and expertise. Sealection 500 is installed professionally by authorized contractors who operate approved equipment and who have been trained and certified to install Sealection 500.



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