Air Infiltration

There are hundreds of gaps and holes in a typical NZ home.
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Air Infiltration is bad for your home because:

Air leakage causes heat loss.
In the winter hot air rises and escapes out the top of the building, causing colder air to be drawn in at the bottom. This is known as the “stack effect” and is responsible for draughts and major heat loss. Sealection 500 plugs the gaps and holes, preventing hot air escaping through the insulation.

Air movement reduces insulation performance.
Just like a cold wind will reduce the effectiveness of wearing a sweater or jumper, air movement within and through walls will reduce the effectiveness of your house’s insulation. Sealection 500 prevents convection currents inside and through walls, eliminating this effect and maintaining peak insulation performance.

Air infiltration increases damp and mould problems.
Damp insulation is not as effective thermally as dry insulation. Worse than that, moisture carried by air can condense inside walls leading to mould problems. Also, moist air takes more energy to heat. Sealection 500 stops air transporting moisture through your walls, making your home drier, healthier and easier to heat.

To find out more about air infultration, view the Energy Star website here


Sealection 500 stops this infiltration by plugging the gaps.




Recessed light
Top plate
Window sills
Electrical plugs
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